Terra Sound Prevents 3 Major Events in Year 1 for Top 3 Oil & Gas Utility

Terra Sound Technology, a US, veteran owned, asset protection company, was awarded a contract to provide Terra Sound’s Safeguard™ pipeline protection platform for a Top 3 O&G utility. Phase-One of implementation spanned a highly critical section of the customer’s pipeline. In the first year of its operation, three potentially catastrophic Third Party Intrusion (TPI) excavation attempts were detected and prevented before any damage could occur.

Terra Sound Safeguard™ pipeline protection platform utilizes fiber optic cable, centralized connection hardware and intelligent monitoring software to detect pipeline activity. Safeguard™ significantly reduces the risk of a TPI and catastrophic leaks. Unauthorized excavations or malicious tampering are detected before harm occurs, giving response teams valuable time to react. Learn more about the product: Terra Sound Safeguard™