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Unlock transportation data to drive your smart city

Distributed acoustic sensing applications for smart cities will see rapid growth due to the unprecedented value they can deliver—not in five or ten years, but today. This technology can save taxpayers millions of dollars, reduce traffic congestion, and improve safety for all citizens.

Terra Sound's intelligent transportation system (ITS) pairs centralized DAS hardware with custom monitoring software to detect and report road activity. Our ITS can run on a dark strand of existing fiber optic cable along a roadway, or it can be incorporated into projects where new fiber is being installed.

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To hear more about the history of fiber optic sensing applications and their untapped potential for transportation systems, listen to our two-part conversation with Ed Bernardon on The Future Car podcast from Siemens:

Smart City ITS Benefits

Generate Real-Time Traffic Data

Terra Sound monitors roadways for real-time events such as accidents and traffic pattern shifts. Our Smart City ITS is a cost-effective solution for generating real-time traffic data, especially when compared to traditional data sources like cellular carriers and on-vehicle sensors.

Improve Emergency Response Time

Terra Sound classifies and instantly relays real-time incident data, such as accidents and traffic pattern shifts. This data can be used to expedite the dispatch of first responders, potentially saving human lives.

Advanced Maintenance Planning

Terra Sound monitors road degradation and can pinpoint the locations of potholes as they form. This gives city maintenance teams valuable data to track and prioritize required maintenance.

Prevent Damage to Fiber Assets

Terra Sound can help prevent damage to the same fiber optic cable it uses for sensing. The system detects warning signs for potentially damaging events like unauthorized digging and fiber cuts before they occur, giving response teams valuable time to investigate risky activity and prevent damage.

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