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Safeguard your in-ground assets against third-party intrusions and unexpected damages

Terra Sound's SafeGuard system uses buried fiber optic cable as a highly accurate sensor that listens for acoustic vibrations from dangerous conditions near critical in-ground assets like pipelines and telecommunications cables.

We pair state-of-the-art DAS hardware with proprietary software designed to give you a detailed look at what is happening along the length of your buried asset and improve your ability to take informed action before damage occurs.

SafeGuard Key Features

Prevent Damage to Assets

A Terra Sound SafeGuard system significantly reduces the risk of third-party intrusion (TPI), such as unauthorized digging or malicious tampering, by detecting potentially damaging activity before harm occurs and giving your response teams valuable time to react.

Detect High-Pressure Leaks

SafeGuard detects high-pressure leaks quickly and accurately, so you can respond without delay.

Integrate With
Dig Ticket Management Systems

Terra Sound's integration with the UtiliSphere platform brings critical infrastructure threat detection capabilities together with risk management and asset protection solutions from our partner, Irth Solutions.

Integrate With Additional Sensors

SafeGuard can also integrate with multiple other systems, such as corrosion monitoring sensors and camera systems.

24 / 7 / 365 Operation

Designed for continuous operation over decades, not just years, Terra Sound is the ideal solution due to the durability of fiber optic cable and its ability to operate continuously in harsh environments.

Low Power Requirement

SafeGuard only requires power at the DAS interrogator box. This means you can monitor distances of up to 100 kilometers, or about 62 miles, from a single point of power.

Help Meet NERC / FERC Standards

SafeGuard can help meet NERC/FERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards and can enhance security and operational intelligence for any industry with critical assets.


Because we are only limited by what our fiber can hear, we can create customized systems designed to meet customer needs.

See Terra Sound in Action


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