Safeguard your in-ground assets against third-party intrusions

Decrease Asset Risk. Increase System Safety.

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Mitigate Risk From Third Party Intrusions (TPI)

Terra Sound significantly reduces the risk of a 3rd party intrusion, such as unauthorized digging or malicious tampering, by detecting the event before harm occurs, giving your response teams valuable time to react. Terra Sound detects leaks over 10x faster than traditional monitored systems. For the cost of only a single event, you can safeguard your entire network of assets. 

Eliminate False Alarms

Terra Sound eliminates false alarms by leveraging compound algorithms to determine the veracity of an actual event. Terra Sound uses second-generation machine intelligence and embedded decision trees to analyze events. Over time and with the collection of environmental data, these trees become more and more effective. This computing efficiency, combined with our choice of primarily solid-state hardware, ensures Terra Siybd works decades and not years.

24 / 7 / 365 Operation

Designed for 24/7/365 operation, Terra Sound is the ideal solution because of the durability of the optic fiber and the ability to operate in harsh environments. 

Integrate Additional Sensors

Terra Sound can integrate multiple other systems, such as corrosion monitoring sensors and cameras. 

Prevent Damage to Your Assets

Terra Sound fiber optic sensing can detect human digging and heavy equipment excavation within seconds. The system will then send an alert to authorized personnel.

Helps Meet NERC / FERC Standards

Terra Sound Technology can help meet NERC/FERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards and can enhance security and operational intelligence for any industry with critical assets. 


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