Austin Fire Systems and Terra Sound Partner to Enhance Petro Chemical Corridor Security

Terra Sound Technology, a USA owned and operated, veteran founded, asset protection company and Austin Fire Systems, a critical fire protection and security solutions company, have partnered to enhance the safety and security of their customers in the Petro Chemical Corridor with Terra Sound’s Perimeter Shield™.

Headquartered in Prairieville, LA, Austin Fire Systems has been in the asset protection business since 1999. Their motto of “we believe that we best serve our clients by becoming a trusted partner” has fueled their growth to over six locations and 200 employees. They are primed to bring the Terra Sound product to their valued customers.

Brett Melancon, Electronic Systems Manager of Austin Fire Systems, “We are excited to introduce Terra Sound’s next generation DAS technology to our critical infrastructure clients across Louisiana, Texas and the Caribbean.”

Michael Bennett, CRO of Terra Sound, “We are truly honored to have been chosen by Austin Fire Systems; a company with such a rich history of serving this unique marketplace for so many years.”

Terra Sound Perimeter Shield™ physical security platform utilizes fiber optic cable, centralized connection hardware and intelligent monitoring software to detect perimeter activity. Perimeter Shield™ significantly reduces false positives through use of Next-Gen machine learning. Unauthorized events are detected before assets are put at risk, giving response teams valuable time to react. Learn more about the product: Terra Sound Perimeter Shield™