Protect your Assets with Data-Driven Technology.

Explore Terra Sound Perimeter Security Capabilities

Reduce False Positives

Terra Sound’s perimeter intrusion detection system drastically reduces false positives. The system accomplishes this using second-generation machine learning algorithms. When Terra Sound is installed on a site, it is constantly gathering environmental information to adapt and improve. This data translates to the customer only being alerted on actual events.

Low to No Maintenance

Traditional perimeter detection methods such as camera analytics, fence-based detection platforms, ground based radar, etc, all require hardware to be in direct contact with the elements and susceptible to intruder manipulation. Whereas, Terra Sound utilizes buried fiber optic cable as its primary detection method, which is practically undetectable by intruders.

Terra Sound uses second generation machine intelligence and embedded decision trees to analyze events. Over time and with the collection of environmental data, these trees become more and more efficient, and in many cases can be eliminated, prolonging hardware life. This computing efficiency combined with our choice of Military grade hardware create the elements for our system to work decades and not years.

24/7/365 Operation

Designed for 24/7/365 operation, Terra Sound is the ideal solution because of the durability of the optic fiber and the ability to operate in harsh environments. 


Terra Sound technology provides increased sensitivity and more accurate localization and classification of activities compared to geophones or other surface sensors. Accurately locate multiple simultaneous intrusion events. 

Technology to Assist in Meeting NERC/FERC Standards

Terra Sound Technology can help meet NERC/FERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards and can enhance security and operational intelligence for any industry with critical assets. 


Terra Sound can integrate multiple other systems, such as cameras and sensors.  We can also install expandability options.