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Perimeter Shield protects your assets with advanced threat detection

Terra Sound's Perimeter Shield intrusion detection system uses fiber optic cable installed in the ground or fence as a highly accurate sensor that listens for acoustic vibrations from threat activity along your site's perimeter.

We pair state-of-the-art hardware with custom software designed to give you a detailed view of what is happening at your site—so you can take informed action quickly to keep your assets secure.

Perimeter Shield Key Features

Advanced Accuracy

Perimeter Shield provides increased sensitivity and more accurate localization and classification of events compared to geophones or other surface sensors. Accurately locate multiple simultaneous intrusion events to within 2–3 meters each. Then automatically tip and cue cameras in an integrated camera system to get eyes on the event within seconds.

Reduced False Positives

Terra Sound uses machine learning and compound alerts to drastically reduce the number of false positives. Our system constantly gathers environmental information to adapt and improve its performance based on the conditions and patterns of life at each particular site, so our customers only get alerted to actual threat events.

Discreet System—
Does Not Invite Tampering

Traditional perimeter detection methods are susceptible to intruder manipulation. Since Perimeter Shield uses buried fiber optic cable as its primary detection method, it is practically undetectable by intruders.

24 / 7 / 365 Operation

Designed for continuous operation over decades, not just years, Terra Sound is the ideal solution due to the durability of fiber optic cable and its ability to operate in harsh environments.

Low Maintenance

Traditional perimeter detection methods such as camera analytics, fence-based detection platforms, and ground-based radar all require hardware to be in direct contact with the elements. A Perimeter Shield system utilizing buried fiber optic cable is competitive in price with camera-based security systems but has a longer operational life and lower maintenance requirements.

Low Power Requirement

Perimeter Shield only requires power at the DAS interrogator box. This means you can monitor distances up to 100 kilometers, or about 62 miles, from a single point of power.

Helps Meet NERC/FERC Standards

Perimeter Shield can help meet NERC/FERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards, and can enhance security and operational intelligence for any industry with critical assets.

Integrates With Other Systems

Perimeter Shield can integrate with a wide range of systems, including PTZ cameras and other sensors.


Because we are only limited by what our fiber can hear, we can create customized systems to meet your needs.

See Terra Sound in Action


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