Terra Sound Experiments with Integrating Drone Technology

Terra Sound's fiber optic sensing solution excels at detecting acoustic disturbances in the area it is installed in. While the system can operate without visual truth, our technology is often paired with pole or building mounted cameras. However, what if you could get on-demand ground truth at the exact point of alarm? What if that visual truth could travel a long distance and track the cause of alarm?

Enter a combined Terra Sound and Easy Aerial Drone-In-A-Box solution.

Easy Aerial builds their own drones and software in the United States to provide visual tracking for a number of applications. Their drone stays docked in a box until activated, either manually or by something triggering it. Once activated, the drone can fly in place indefinitely, tethered to its home box. In this way, it functions as a stationary camera pole. Unlike a stationary camera pole, the drone can untether and fly to a point, providing visual truth on an element at the protected asset.

Terra Sound acts as the trigger for the Easy Aerial drone, giving it coordinates of an alarm. The drone can either monitor from a distance, tethered, or fly to the point of the alarm, relaying back a video feed.

This system offers unique advantages for perimeter security applications as well as longer pipelines, where having a large number of mounted cameras is not feasible.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Terra Sound:

Easy Aerial: