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irth Solutions and Terra Sound Technology Announce Partnership

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2021 / —  irth Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions that improve the resiliency of critical infrastructure, including its flagship 811 ticket management system, and Terra Sound Technology, pioneers in distributed acoustic sensing, today announced a unique partnership to enhance resiliency, reliability and safety of utilities, oil/gas, telecommunications and construction operations. 

When an 811 ticket isn’t filed before digging begins, a company cannot monitor whether activity around a client’s critical infrastructure was authorized before damage occurs. This is the leading cause of damage to critical underground assets in the United States. The integration between Terra Sound’s technology and irth’s UtiliSphere platform changes that.

“Our system will see all of the activity—authorized or not—and alert our customers so they have a chance to stop unauthorized digs before damage occurs,” said Craig Borkowski, CEO of Terra Sound Technology.  "This not only preserves assets but also improves safety for workers, the public and our environment.”

Terra Sound uses pre-existing or newly installed fiber optic cable and intelligent monitoring software to detect vibrations. Whether the vibrations are caused by heavy equipment, a leak in a high-pressure system or someone climbing a fence to gain access to unauthorized areas, the Terra Sound system monitors and reports on it. Using machine learning, its intelligent monitoring system classifies activity and then sends alerts via text and email with location, event information and photo, if available.  

Detected dig activity is then cross-referenced with irth Solutions’ UtiliSphere platform for an 811 ticket tied to the activity. UtiliSphere analyzes the event and then intelligently responds based on how the activity is classified by irth Solutions’ SmartScore process. The system will expedite communication to the appropriate personnel, technicians or first responders if the dig needs to be stopped. This intervention can help prevent outages, improve safety and protect critical assets.

“The majority of damages from excavations occur because there’s no 811 ticket,” said Trent Peugh, President and CRO of irth Solutions. “Even though the utility industry continues to promote ‘call before you dig,’ there is still significant non-compliance with the law. UtiliSphere provides a platform to address other key work processes such as meter inspection, patrols, inline crossings and vegetation mitigation or other threats to assets that affect the resiliency and reliability of critical infrastructure as well as the safety of the workers.”

Learn more about irth UtiliSphere. 

Learn more about Terra Sound Technology.  

About irth Solutions 

irth Solutions, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is the leading provider of cloud-based asset protection solutions to improve resilience of critical asset infrastructure, including their flagship 811 ticket management solution. Clients have trusted irth Solutions for decades to manage and reduce risk, decrease costs, increase revenue opportunities and ensure regulatory compliance. Artificial intelligence and analytics power additional insights for early detection of emerging problems. irth Solutions has helped hundreds of customers execute the work that is most important to their success in a world where safety, resilience and reliability are paramount.  

About Terra Sound Technology 

Terra Sound Technology, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in Columbus, Ohio, customizes solutions that use fiber optic cable and intelligent monitoring software to enhance security and safety for companies in charge of critical infrastructure such as electric, oil and gas, and telecommunications companies. Started as a government-only solution, Terra Sound Technology is now available to the public and has been adapted to a wide range of capabilities including perimeter security, pipelines and smart cities.  

Partnership: Terra Sound Technology and irth Solutions


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