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Soluciones de detección de fibra óptica distribuida para seguridad y monitoreo

How do you protect against the things you can't plan for?

Terra Sound gives you a comprehensive look at what is happening across your system—so when the unexpected happens you can take informed action quickly.

Screenshots of the Terra Sound GUI detecting excavation and fence cutting

With Terra Sound you can protect your assets against events that are nearly impossible to plan for:

Icon: speech bubble with an exclamation point inside

Unplanned activities and communication issues like  lack of notification about excavation or construction activities, no 811 dig ticket, locating  or marking errors, and faded or washed away markers

Operator errors during planned work like digging outside of markings, digging outside allotted time windows, inaccurate location, and failure to maintain clearance

Unauthorized access such as fence cutting, fence climbing, trespassing, and hot tapping a line

Unforeseen environmental issues like high temperatures (fires), falling trees, falling rocks, landslides, and earthquakes

Using intelligent monitoring software, specialized sensing hardware, and fiber optic cable buried around a site perimeter or along an in-ground asset, Terra Sound listens 24/7 to the vibrations in the area around your asset or facility.

The fiber optic cable can detect sound waves from a broad range of activities—from the softest footsteps to the heaviest machinery. Terra Sound uses advanced machine learning to analyze and classify these everyday vibrations, establishing a pattern of life so you have a baseline to understand when an anomaly occurs.

Illustration of an industrial landscape showing buried fiber optic cable and vibrations coming from car, pipeline, and substation operation

How Does It Work?

Detect, locate, analyze, and respond

When the system detects an anomalous event, it pinpoints the exact location, classifies the issue, and sends a real-time alert to your team so you can take action.

Since Terra Sound is constantly gathering environmental information about your particular site, the software can adapt, improve, and learn over time—ensuring you get notified about the events that matter to you most.

Who Is Terra Sound For?

We are your proactive defense against unplanned activities and intrusions.

Collage showing Terra Sound GUI, founder on Army deployment, a section of US southern border, and seals for the Department of the Navy, Department of Homeland Security, and the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business logo

Our sensing solutions have been built from over a decade of operational experience with the US Government and large commercial customers.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Prevent damages and outages and reduce downtime

Prevent customer churn

Real-time monitoring and around-the-clock visibility

Seamless integration with external systems via API

Military-grade security


Reliable and proven technology

Customer focused engineering and support

Veteran owned and based in the USA

Terra Sound cycle: monitor, detect, alert, protect

Your critical infrastructure operates without interruption—
so should your solutions protecting it


Irth Solutions
Austin Fire Systems
RISE Consortium: Resilient Infrastructure and Secure Energy
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