Terra Sound Demonstrates Cost Savings with Next-Gen Smart City Technology

Generate Real Time Traffic Data

DAS applications in Smart Cities will see rapid growth due to the real value that can be extracted and applied, not tomorrow or in 10 years, but today. This technology will save US taxpayers millions of dollars, reduce traffic congestion and improve safety for all citizens. Terra Sound is a cost-saving, anonymous solution for obtaining real time traffic data as compared to invasive traffic data sources such as cellular carriers and on-vehicle sensors.

Enhanced Maintenance Planning

Terra Sound technology monitors road degradation, providing locations of wear and tear such as potholes, ensuring efficient delivery of resources. This gives transportation maintenance centers (TMCs) valuable data to track and prioritize required maintenance.

Respond Quickly to Urgent Events - Save Lives

Terra Sound classifies and instantly relays real time incident data, such as accidents and traffic pattern shifts. This data is used to expedite the dispatch of first responders and efficiently direct traffic flow, saving human lives.

Terra Sound’s intelligent transportation system (ITS) consists of a centralized connection hardware and monitoring software to detect and report road activity. It can use existing fiber that has been pre-installed, or newly installed fiber if there is no fiber available. These are only a few of the capabilities that Terra Sound can deliver, but we are constantly expanding our data set with new classifiers through the use of our Next-Gen machine learning, and ground source data.

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